1. Sharks is a swedish electro pop duo formed by dj and record producer Sophia Englund and Susanna Friberg. They released a few days ago “Wait" their first official single

  2. Norway signer Astrid released on october 17 her first single “2AM”. 

  3. Ferras - “Speak In Tongues

  4. Here’s an ad for Diet Coke featuring none other than miss Taylor Swift. The ad also feature an snippet of a new song taken from the signer upcoming album “1989" schedule for release on october 27.

  5. Melanie Martinez - “Carousel

  6. Nicole Scherzinger - “Run”.

    This song is just AMAZING, can’t wait for her album “Big Fat Lie" to come out on october 20.

  7. Jessie J released today october 14 her new album “Sweet Talker" and here is on of the best track of the album, "Masterpiece”.

  8. On the day of her birthday (October 10) Marina Diamandis “Marina and the Diamonds" finally released her new single called "Froot”. The song is the first single taken of her upcoming third studio album plan to be release on december 12, 2014.

  9. Andrew Belle released yesterday his  ”Black Bear (Hushed) - EP”. I just discovered this artist a few days ago and I’m totally loving his sound. Here’s the hushed version of “Wants What it Wants" probably the best track of his latest album "Black Bear

    Here’s also a link for the AMAZING original version of the track.

  10. Here it is! Jessie J finally released the visual for her latest super Hot single “Burnin’ Up" featuring 2 Chainz.

  11. Just because this song is SOOO GOOD, throwback to almost 1 year ago, with Hellogoodbye, “(Everything is) Debatable”.

  12. CeCe (Cece Frey) released today her first ever single “Dead 2 Me”. The signer first single finally came out today october 6 almost 2 years after her participation in the second edition of the X factor USA back in 2012.

  13. Nick Jonas released today “Numb" featuring Angel Haze the first countdown single taken of his first self titled  solo album.

  14. Cheryl Cole premiered today the new music video for her latest single “I Don’t Care

  15. American Apparel Ad girls" is a new song from Willam, Courtney Act & Alaska 5000. The song as been made to promote the 3 new t-shirts the brand has created. Each drag queen have her own t-shirt and it’s available for sale on the American Apparel web site.



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